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New LK Metrology CMMs

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CMM Manager Software

CMM Programming Services

Supporting Pinnacle Manufacturing Co for RS-25 Rocket Components


Setting up new Insight CMM with Navy themed z-axis cover. Artwork by Ryno Templeton, owner of Blast of Air


CMM Anti-Fatigue Mat

Work longer using this super cushioned anti fatigue mat. When long hours of programming are forcing you to take brakes this mat can make a huge difference in productivity. 


"Thank you so much for the phone support and getting my Starrett CMM running. It has now been calibrated and is working great. You saved me a ton of time, money and effort. I had found no one in the area that could fix this thing and even though I was dealing with many variables you were able to diagnose every problem over the phone. This amazed me and the techs that were here that were here trying to fix it.

Joe Harrell

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